EZ LYNK AutoAgent Nissan Titan XD Cummins Tuning

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  • Full Support Package
  • Limited Support Package

The Proven Diesel Full Support Package offers unlimited flashes and basic tune revisions on ALL TUNES. You’ll receive automatic tune updates so that you can take advantage of the progress that we make and enjoy the timelessness of the EZ LYNK AutoAgent. Every support package includes unlimited datalogging and chat features so that you can reach a Proven Diesel tuner from anywhere, at any time.

The Proven Diesel Limited Support Package. Our limited support packs give you access to all Proven Diesel tuning compatible with your vehicle for 4 weeks. This is convenient if you’re seeking a single tune to install on your vehicle. Once the 4 week expires the tune that is currently in your truck will remain. Upgrading to unlimited support will give you access to all tuning and software updates indefinitely.

Call Proven Diesel prior to your purchase to get help making a tune selection.


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Nissan Titan XD Cummins Tuning

EM | Tune
Tune 1
Tune 2
Tune 3
Tune 4
Tune 5
+30 HP
+60 HP
+90 HP
+120 HP
+150 HP

Each power level defined in the SOTF Tuning table is also available as a single tune.

3 reviews for EZ LYNK AutoAgent Nissan Titan XD Cummins Tuning

  1. Henry h

    Titan xd full support Proven diesel tunes. Haven’t had any issues and the tunes are clean with a ton of power. Great customer service. Highly recommend

  2. Timothy Shirley

    Great customer service. Running an emission tune on mine and love it. really wakes the truck up.

  3. Joe Goodwin

    Good tunes, good power. Takes a while for the transmission to relearn after the flash.

    Use V1.3 to remedy any turbo surging issues if you have them.

    When is 1.4. coming out ?

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