AVID: An In-Depth Look at the Newest Tuning Device

Diesel tuning enthusiasts, there’s a new player in town that promises to elevate your driving experience to unprecedented levels. Welcome to AVID, a cutting-edge technology designed to transform how you interact with and enhance your vehicle’s performance.

Core Features of AVID

Calibrations and Customization: AVID isn’t just another tuning device; it’s a partnership with top specialists in the field to tailor your vehicle’s performance to your exact needs. Through detailed calibrations, AVID ensures that every aspect of your engine’s output is optimized.

Advanced Diagnostics and Datalogging: Forget the days of puzzling over engine lights and vague diagnostics. AVID brings clarity to your dashboard, offering comprehensive diagnostics and seamless datalogging capabilities. This feature not only helps in pinpointing issues but also keeps a detailed log of engine health, which is crucial for maintaining performance.

The Arc – A Seamless Collaboration Tool: Perhaps the most innovative aspect of AVID is the Arc. This tool facilitates real-time collaboration with specialists, allowing you to send and receive updates and diagnostics effortlessly. Whether you’re tuning from a garage or the racetrack, the Arc keeps you connected.

Output State Control: Take command of your vehicle’s functions with features like High Idle Control and Fuel Pump Activation. These tools give drivers more control over their vehicle’s operational parameters, enhancing both performance and convenience.

User-Friendly Design

Designed with the user in mind, AVID offers a straightforward installation process that can be performed by the vehicle owner. Its intuitive interface, displayed on a 5-inch 720P capacitive touch screen, ensures that even the most complex functions are easily accessible.

Expanding Capabilities

AVID’s potential is continuously growing, with plans to include a range of add-on modules like wideband controllers and digital MAP sensors. These add-ons promise to unlock even more customization options for enthusiasts.

Supported Vehicles

Currently, AVID supports a range of Ford models from 2011-2023 and Ram models from 2010-2021, with plans to expand to various GM models soon. This wide range of compatibility ensures that many diesel tuning enthusiasts can take advantage of AVID’s advanced features.


With its robust features and user-centric design, AVID is set to become a staple in the diesel tuning community. As we await its launch in Q3 2024, the excitement builds for a tool that will redefine what it means to tune and enhance vehicle performance.

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